5 Symptoms that your site needs a PQ Audit!

20 Jun 2018

How do you decide on when to take up a Power Quality Audit? We have identified 5 symptoms which indicate the need for a PQ Audit.

Erratic/Sub-optimal performance and failures in electrical network are considered normal
Unpredictable Elevator break-down was an unsolved mystery at a leading hotel chain that we worked with few years ago. The engineering team and the elevator manufacturer had all given-up on the possibility of a solution. A PQ Audit helped identify the event with particular conditions in the electrical network which caused the break-down of the elevator.
Scan through your facilities to spot how people consider electrical failures that they don’t understand as normal. It’s a clear symptom that you need a PQ Audit.

Sign that the team has accepted to live with problems
While the elevator break-down case mentioned above had to be solved as it directly affected customer experience and brought down the reputation of the hotel, there are many instances where the internal team just learns to live with the electrical network problems as they are not able to spot and solve the problems. For instance, infrequent tripping, relatively smaller damages at specific site locations, electrical part/component damage for certain equipment etc. are lived with rather than solving. A PQ Audit typically helps the team to identify and solve these problems, rather than living with the small troubles in running a complex electrical network.

Facilities/Maintenance is NOT able to assure reliability
If the Facilities management or maintenance team is not able to assure reliability of the electrical network in spite of completing all the routine maintenance tasks, the site needs an Audit by PQ Experts. The Facilities Management or Maintenance team may not have the necessary expertise to unfold the interconnections in electrical network resulting in bad PQ. A PQ Audit, with its methodical study, live data capture with advanced equipment is able to capture co-relation between bad PQ and reliability.

Penalties imposed due to non-compliance with PQ parameters
Just a simple cursory analysis of the utility bill can reveal the alarming costs of penalties that can be saved with improvements suggested by a PQ Audit.
The findings of the PQ Audits will help to implement well reasoned and calculated modifications/additions at specific locations in the electrical network to ensure total compliance, sustained over a period of time.


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