Improving the health of your electrical power network

Efficienergi is India’s most reputed consulting firm dedicated to improving health and efficiency of your electrical power network. Founded to serve a strong and long-felt need to help the industry in improving power quality through technology enabled, data driven tools, Efficienergi’s business model and offerings continue to be one of the most unique in the industry.


To unify multi-disciplinary expertise with technology to identify, monitor and improve the root causes affecting the performance of energy and power networks.


To develop a technology-driven solution in order to deliver network enhancing insights for improving the safety, reliability, and efficiency of your electrical network.


First, the reputation earned for being a fully independent consulting in the electrical network space. In fact, its one of the core purpose of founding Efficienergi.

Second, the approach to use a unique combination of cloud-based tools coupled with structured field services, to deliver accurate solutions for every problem in electrical network.

Third, Efficienergi’s unparalleled range of assessments and studies that comprehensively cover every aspect in ensuring the health of the electrical network.

And fourth, and perhaps the most important, is a multi-disciplinary panel of highly experienced experts, counted among the best in India.



Rajen Mehta
Executive Director

Rajen is regarded as one of India’s foremost experts on Power Quality and related subjects. After completing his masters from the US, Rajen Co-founded a specialist product company and led the development of an array of indigenous solutions to improve power quality in electrical networks.

In 2013, he co-founded Efficienerigi Consulting Pvt. Ltd., with Kartik & Ramas, with a vision to build technology and data-driven solutions for enhancing reliability, availability, safety and efficiency of electrical power networks. At Efficienergi, he leads the R&D for software solutions and has been instrumental in driving out of the box solutions to serve the needs of the industry towards optimization of their Power and Energy networks and offering a completely structured and data-driven “concept to diagnosis to implementation” experience.

Rajen Mehta

Kartik Parekh
Executive Director

Kartik is the brain behind Efficienergi’s technical prowess. You can be sure to hit him with any wide ranging topic from buck boost converters to complex electromagnetic interferences and you would be sure to get a Class 101 answer making you ponder whether it was so complex after all  .

For those who know him, would vouch for his gifted knack of a deep understanding of electrical & complex power electronics networks and the behaviours within, and his ability to unravel & solve hard to diagnose cause-effect conundrums with out of the box solutions.
He brings a quarter of century worth rich field experience with his feet firmly planted on the ground even today.

Kartik Parekh

Ramas Krishnan

The unseen force behind Efficienergi. He propels the dream forward by his astute time tested strategies brought in by global stints at marquee institutions and his stellar academics. Ramas is the guiding force to the entire team and oversees the strategic direction for product development and service delivery. He is instrumental in building and bundling Efficienerigi’s unique portfolio, its market positioning and through it the creation of greater value for the customer and end users.


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