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Power Quality – the Chinese way!

22 Aug 2018

As an invitee to APQI’s (Asia Power Quality Initiative) 10th anniversary in China, I was struggling to define my expectations clearly. This was my 3rd visit to China, and like a true Indian my mind too was hovering to solve the basic challenges of being in China – language barrier and food. But I must […]

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5 Reasons why it is difficult to manage Power Quality (PQ)?

26 Jun 2018

The availability of electrical network is dependent on the Power Quality (PQ) in many different ways. While availability is binary, Power Quality is not. This is one of the key reasons why its difficult to attribute how bad PQ affects electrical network availability. Particularly, there are 5 reasons why companies find it difficult to manage […]

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Efficienergi wins the Diamond Award given by India Smart Grid Foundations (ISGF)

25 Jun 2018

Smart Tech of the Year! It was a special moment for the Efficienergi’s team to earn a recognition from India Smart Grid Foundation towards cutting-edge work in the field of Power Quality. The ‘Smart Tech of the Year’ award is attributed to India’s first tool for Harmonics Monitoring developed by Efficienergi and expected to be available for […]

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5 Symptoms that your site needs a PQ Audit!

20 Jun 2018

How do you decide on when to take up a Power Quality Audit? We have identified 5 symptoms which indicate the need for a PQ Audit. Erratic/Sub-optimal performance and failures in electrical network are considered normal Unpredictable Elevator break-down was an unsolved mystery at a leading hotel chain that we worked with few years ago. […]

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The short circuit is not the cause, but a result!

09 Jun 2018

Another fire in the city. A massive fire engulfed a building In Mumbai’s Fort Area, injuring 2 Firefighters. Not so long ago, a restaurant in south Mumbai was completely devastated with fire and 14 people lost life. The news reports mention a broad short circuit as the cause of triggering the fire. Worst still, in […]

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Have you got the electrical signatures?

02 Jun 2018

Investments, especially in critical assets, can be eroded due to sub-optimal equipment performance, frequent maintenance and shorter operating life. Bad Power Quality is often the cause of poor equipment performance. Since Power Quality related events are not captured by the traditional monitoring systems in the electrical networks, these events go unnoticed with the blame going […]

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