Reliable power networks for smart buildings

From smart meters, LED Lighting, access controls to smart HVACs, the non-linear loads in commercial buildings is on the rise. Add to it, the complexity of power from micro-grids (solar panels), and power quality takes another toll. Efficienergi offers a unique combination of site-based studies, supported by a proven analytical platform to help maintain ensure good power quality and benefit from it.


Sophisticated building automation is a hallmark of modern commercial facilities. From access controls to sensor based HVAC and lighting systems, automation has penetrated every aspect of commercial buildings. This brings with it an array of non-linear loads, creating a multitude of challenges in the form of greater transients, harmonics and generally poor power quality.

Efficienergi’s expertise and unique approach has helped to solve a wide range of problems in commercial buildings, starting from understanding highly unpredictable equipment behaviour to proactive analysis that prevented equipment malfunctioning due to poor power quality. By partnering with existing service providers, Efficienergi leverages their know-how to deliver deep insights into health of electrical networks.


  • Faster recovery of electrical network through early detection of unforeseen problems

  • Benefit from meeting all compliance in power factor, fire and safety and more

  • Design and set-up systems to monitor electrical network-wide power quality

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