Reliable electrical network for automated environments

SCADA based systems, IoT enabled plants and equipment, fully automated environment are the key trends in continuous process industries. Efficienergi’s services have been pivotal in ensuring a future-ready electrical power network to support these new manufacturing trends. From deep-rooted compliance related challenges in traditional set-ups to supporting manufacturers to build electrical networks with the highest reliability for their modern facilities, Efficienergi has created savings for several leading and niche chemical manufacturers.


With a far greater number of automated controls starting from VFDs, valves, material transfer systems to use of highly sensitive controls in process equipment, a typical CP plant is prone to much higher risk of failure of electrical networks, as compared to the past.

Starting from transients and harmonics induced by modern control equipment to higher sensitivity to electrical leakages due to improper earthing, the range of risks spreads far and wide. Ensuring highest reliability is challenging task for the Operations team, and therefore is a key focus area for Efficienergi.

Bringing unique and comprehensive capabilities in site assessments, analysis, insights and recommendations, Efficienergi helps to solve your critical challenges and achieve safe, superior performance of Electrical networks.

Efficienergi’s vast experience and deep expertise of working in the Chemical industry means you are able to spot patterns that were previously not obvious and thus implement long-standing, sustainable solutions to all your electrical network problems.


  • Improving network-wide reliability for 24X7 operation environment

  • Studies to identify and solve unpredictable failures, frequent malfunctions in equipment

  • Studies/Assessments for periodic/continual monitoring of key risks to the electrical network

  • Customised studies to solve critical problems pertaining to sub-optimal/malfunctioning of electrical network or critical equipment

  • Detail studies and assessments to ensure total compliance

  • Analysis, insights and recommendations to improve electrical network and equipment life

  • Advisory and field support at every stage starting from design, pre-commissioning, post-commissioning to full-scale production

A leading Data Center identifies the root cause for an unpredictable DG Shutdown.


Power Quality Audit at India’s top IT/ITeS company.



An overview of various aspects affecting the network power quality by Rajen Mehta, Director at Efficienergi Consulting Pvt. Ltd. presented at the webinar organised by APQI.

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