Comprehensive solutions, measurable savings

Electrical network quality analysis is often the most neglected area of energy network management. Connect with Efficienergi’s team of experts to get a full spectrum of assessments and analysis to ensure healthy equipment and harmonious energy network.


Network quality measurement is a complex inter-disciplinary task. Efficienergi provides you with the right tools and technologies to improve every aspect of your electrical network quality.

Improving network quality has a direct and immediate impact on overall system health, reliability, reducing energy bills and increasing the life of the equipment.

  • Single dashboard to highlight network-wide state of power availability, reliability
  • Predictive analysis to understand the future impact on equipment
  • Ensure total compliance to regulatory norms and network needs


  • Power Quality Analysis
  • Reactive power & harmonic mitigation services
  • Comprehensive three phase symmetry (Leakage currents & Asymmetry studies)
  • Surge protective device analysis
  • EMI/RFI Analysis
  • Root Cause Analysis
  • Single Point of Failure Analysis (SPOF)
  • Capacity assessment of installed infrastructure (electrical/cooling)


  • Immediate savings in multiple ways – energy bills to extended equipment life
  • Reduce economic, reputation and productivity losses
  • Far better safety for men and machines
  • Sustained benefits through reduced effects of overheating, no downtime, lower losses, greater incentives and reduced penalties

Want to engage Efficienergi to improve your energy and power network?

Credited to have solved some of the most complex problems in energy network quality, Efficienergi works closely with your internal teams and stakeholders to improve the reliability, efficiency, safety and compliance of energy and power networks.

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