Highest safety in standards and practice

Efficienergi enforces the right safety norms across the entire power and energy network. The result is a safer system for men and machines and sustainable safety benchmark throughout the network’s life-cycle.


With multiple equipment, and suppliers/vendors working in an ever-evolving energy network, safety often takes the toll. While safety is everybody’s job it ends up as no one’s responsibility. Efficienergi builds data-driven insights to set the right standards of safety at each level within the power and energy network. Further, Efficienergi’s PQ monitoring platform provides detail framework and solutions to consistently maintain highest safety norms and safer practices.

  • Expertise to define network wide and equipment specific safety framework
  • Electrical network modelling to identify hidden safety weak links, calculate arc flash resistance
  • On-premise services to identify and mark unsafe zones/spots


  • Electrical fire and safety audits
  • Arc flash analysis to prevent accidents and improve the safety of electrical network
  • Thermography tests to monitor and assess safety and performance risks


  • Integrated safety outlook saves valuable resources and ensures highest standards throughout the energy and power system
  • End-to-end support from simulation, training to implementation ensures sustenance of safety standards

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