Peace-of-mind with complete testing

A thorough test from all perspectives at installation and commissioning can save hundreds of thousands of dollars in operations and maintenance. Trust Efficienergi to conduct an array of tests, studies and analytics to ensure highly robust energy network installation as per the design.


Various aspects of the energy network need to be tested for as-designed delivery and performance, both independently and in relation to the rest of the network.

Efficienergi helps you to conduct the numerous tests and assessments required at the installation stage through rigorous processes aided by intelligent PQ Monitoring Platform.

  • Ensure integrity of circuits, capacity testing of equipment and check the limits of safety through an array of assessments and tests across the energy network
  • Full range of equipment, processes and technology to conduct a thorough analysis in a very short span
  • A collaborative approach that includes consultants, suppliers, in-house team and contractors


  • Protective switch-gear and relay tests include
    • Primary current injection test
    • Secondary current injection test
    • RCD / RCBO / RCCB test
    • HT/LT Relays operational settings and functional test
  • Battery Impedance test
  • CT testing
  • Mv Drop Test / Contact Resistance Test
  • Bus Duct testing
  • Integrated System Testing (IST)
  • Insulation resistance test / hi-pot test


  • Strong checks for as-designed installation reduces margin of error and ensures seamless performance after commissioning
  • Single spot solution through platform saves resources and costs while stepping-up the reliability

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