Have you got the electrical signatures?

02 Jun 2018

Investments, especially in critical assets, can be eroded due to sub-optimal equipment performance, frequent maintenance and shorter operating life. Bad Power Quality is often the cause of poor equipment performance.

Since Power Quality related events are not captured by the traditional monitoring systems in the electrical networks, these events go unnoticed with the blame going to the equipment manufacturer or maintenance team.

So how do you apply Power Quality to get the best performance and longer life for critical equipment?


The solution – a unique electrical signature for the equipment!
Advanced power quality monitoring devices provide data that will help to analyse the equipment performance. With a Power Quality expert, your internal team can identify a unique electrical signature of the equipment to determine its performance and health on an ongoing basis.

The electrical signature captures the equipment’s behaviour and the corresponding impact on Power Quality. The analysis and correlations between the equipment performance and PQ events in the electrical network can help to determine the root causes of sub-optimal performance and malfunctions. Further, the analysis also reveals potential long-term damage that is caused to the equipment due to bad PQ.

The PQ profile of the equipment can be used to identify areas for improvement (voltage/current distortion, THD, PF etc.) and related mitigation techniques.

Want to create an electrical signature for your critical assets? Get in touch with our experts.


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