Accurate care for critical equipment and systems

Medical equipment in Hospitals are susceptible to electromagnetic noise induced in the electrical power network through a range of sources including simple switching on/off of electric circuits, radio-frequency electromagnetic¬†waves from devices in the vicinity or power line faults causing¬†voltage drops/ spikes. Efficienergi’s services ensure electrical network is fit and always ready to support the demands of general and critical care set-ups of large-format hospitals.


With the increase in use of sensitive, microprocessor-based equipment in patient treatment, maintaining good power quality is not a matter of choice for hospitals.

Bad power quality can affect patient care in many ways from erroneous data processing, changes in stored data, reset of calibration settings in sensitive patient diagnosis and monitoring equipment and many more.

Operational interruptions such as distortion of displays, incorrect diagnostic results, equipment software hang-up and other malfunctions such as alarms etc. are also common due to bad power quality.

Efficienergi offers an array of studies and support services to ensure good power quality. Leading hospitals routinely engage with Efficienergi to ensure readiness of their electrical network to support the high-end, critical patient care and diagnostic infrastructure.


  • Helping to you prepare a safe electromagnetic environment for medical equipment in as-built facility

  • Support at early stage of design to build-in electrical precautions for good power quality and a clean electromagnetic environment

  • Monitoring and maintenance measures for good power quality to ensure operational and functional continuity

  • Reduce risks of malfunctions, errors, interruptions by proactive approach


An overview of various aspects affecting the network power quality by Rajen Mehta, Director at Efficienergi Consulting Pvt. Ltd. presented at the webinar organised by APQI.

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