Quality power with reliability and compliance to drive profitable production

Increasing automation, Industry 4.0 initiatives (read sensor driven networks) and complex, centrally controlled electrical network designs (MES, IoT) are posing an unprecedented risk to reliability of electrical power networks in the manufacturing environment. The number of sensitive equipment such as VFDs, Robots, Sensors in the electrical networks is only rising to create a complex web of interconnected devices, whose functioning and safety is a direct result of quality and reliability of power in the electrical network itself.


Modern manufacturing is driven by the shift of production paradigm from electro-mechanical systems to those driven by highly sensitive mechatronics based systems. For the electrical power networks, this demands a far higher care and analysis in order to support these sensitive equipment with the conducive electromagnetic environment they need.

Most modern manufacturing environments are finding themselves in a continual loop of enhancing the equipment infrastructure and upgrading the electrical network to ensure safe, reliable and economical operations of these new devices.

Efficienergi has been a pioneer in advising several small and large process and discrete manufacturing set-ups to achieve greater reliability and total compliance for electrical networks in their fast modernising environment. From assessing designs to studying as-built networks, Efficienergi’s team is instrumental in identifying reliability and compliance blind-spots to support the manufacturing environment of the day and near future.

Working as a partner to in-house maintenance teams, vendors, electrical contractors and also equipment manufacturers, in some instances, Efficienergi helps to solve teething electrical network level problems with a holistic view. Customers from the manufacturing sector often turn to Efficienergi’s experts to solve specific problems or to improve the performance of electrical network as a whole.


  • Assessments of electrical designs to estimate issues in the electromagnetic environment, Compliance, beforehand

  • Pre-commissioning assessments of as-built electrical network for any potential problems

  • Detail Power Quality studies/audits of fully-operational plants to identify issues in electrical networks

  • Studies and recommendations for electrical network to improve the life, safety of critical manufacturing equipment

  • Comprehensive electrical network assessment for compliance, reliability, electrical safety and much more…