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Staying economical while ensuring highest standards is a key challenge for most set-ups in pharma. Efficienergi works as a partner to Pharma companies, stitching together the gaps in the performance of electrical power network, to ensure every goal is met. From ensuring the maximum availability of existing electrical network infrastructure to facilitating a seamless compliance for expansions of these networks, Efficienergi partners to deliver on a wide range of goals.


Pharma manufacturing, quality and R&D environment have specific demands when it comes to reliability and availability of electrical power network. Power Quality is critical, especially for the functioning of critical equipment in R&D, formulation processes and calibration equipment. Efficienergi has helped pharma companies to achieve site-specific compliance to ensure accurate functioning of sensitive equipment.

Additionally, large systems such as HVAC in pharma environment have to adhere to specific operational benchmarks.

Efficienergi’s services enable monitoring and managing the electrical power network to achieve specific operational parameters for safe and efficient operations of large systems.

Efficienergi’s team of experts works closely with an array of partners managing the pharma set-ups including Facility Management Services, internal electrical and maintenance teams, electrical consultants and contractors. Together, as a team, Efficienergi ensures an always available, highly reliable and fully compliant electrical network.


  • Studies to ensure compliance to Power Quality parameters as per defined standards (local regulations, global)

  • Consulting and advisory to ensure safe, reliable functioning of key equipment

  • Detailed assessment and services to improve the reliability of electrical network as a whole

  • Support to achieve low losses and improved electrical loading patterns

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Power Quality Audit at India’s top IT/ITeS company.



An overview of various aspects affecting the network power quality by Rajen Mehta, Director at Efficienergi Consulting Pvt. Ltd. presented at the webinar organised by APQI.

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