Maximise Reliability Minimize Downtime of Electrical Network

secqr® is a whole new way to comprehensively manage and solve problems in modern industrial and commercial electrical networks. In diagnoses conducted across 45,000+ electrical network locations in 250+ industries, secqr® identified electrical faults in 8,000+ locations.

secqr- your entire electrical network

With the increasing use of sensitive electronics, automation, renewable energy and addition of other non-linear loads, the hidden menace in Modern electrical networks is deeper and can affect in more ways than one would think.

The modern electrical network faces a huge number of issues. But, the root causes of these symptoms often stay hidden. secqr helps to diagnose and analyse every asset as well as network in the facility.


  • Helping to you prepare a safe electromagnetic environment for medical equipment in as-built facility

  • Support at early stage of design to build-in electrical precautions for good power quality and a clean electromagnetic environment

  • Monitoring and maintenance measures for good power quality to ensure operational and functional continuity

  • Reduce risks of malfunctions, errors, interruptions by proactive approach


An overview of various aspects affecting the network power quality by Rajen Mehta, Director at Efficienergi Consulting Pvt. Ltd. presented at the webinar organised by APQI.

Want to try secqr to improve your energy and power network?

secqr is available for one time use (prepaid test pack) or on subscription/continuous monitoring basis, as required in your facility. The tests from secqr are implemented through on-field assessments at the facility as well as through automated cloud based data acquisition.

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