Compliance benefits and more

Efficienergi has worked with consultants, contractors, manufacturers and regulatory bodies to study and recommend solutions to improve power quality in steel and metal industries. Going beyond the pet solution of fitting harmonic filters, Efficienergi suggests a range of advanced, cost-effective measures to drive sustained compliance, improve power quality and save on energy costs.


Steel and aluminum industries are energy intensive and the use of Electric Arc Furnaces mean frequent power quality issues that cause disturbances in the electrical network at various levels. Starting from voltage variations, poor PF, the presence of harmonics to variations in voltage, Steel and metal manufacturers are fighting a constant battle to maintain compliance and good power quality.

The range of challenges may include anything from longer melting cycle to heavy energy losses or non-compliance penalties that cut into already thin margins. Further, instances where steel plants are connected to a grid, heavy disturbances in electrical networks are normally observed in facilities within the vicinity.


  • Compliance with strict grid/regulatory frameworks and related power quality standards

  • Studies for key changes in the electrical network to reduce energy costs

  • Assessments and recommendations to increase production, productivity and safety

  • Proactive support to enable good power quality and thus ensure longer equipment and consumable life of the critical asset


An overview of various aspects affecting the network power quality by Rajen Mehta, Director at Efficienergi Consulting Pvt. Ltd. presented at the webinar organised by APQI.

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