The short circuit is not the cause, but a result!

09 Jun 2018

Another fire in the city.
A massive fire engulfed a building In Mumbai’s Fort Area, injuring 2 Firefighters. Not so long ago, a restaurant in south Mumbai was completely devastated with fire and 14 people lost life.

The news reports mention a broad short circuit as the cause of triggering the fire. Worst still, in some of these cases the causes are never interrogated with anything left to trace after the fire. But, experts and safety officials attribute the causes to the electrical network. The general public also assumes this as a one-off accident and moves on.

In the bargain, what remains to be analysed is the reason for the short circuit.
As a team of experts with over 20 years of experience in Power Quality, we have observed a number of underlying reasons that could cause a short circuit in a perfectly functional electrical network. Bad Power Quality can lead to unsafe outcomes such as excessive heating, short circuits etc. The health of electrical power network has to be routinely monitored to avoid the what would seem like one-off instances.

While the Govt. is doing its bit with stringent policies, we must simultaneously acknowledge the importance of the underlying causes behind electrical fires before more life’s are lost.


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